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Hi ppl.

Can Somebody explain to me what are Intense dreams plz?

Ive been diagnosed with general anxiety disorders, lately Ive been having bad dreams such as being at a funeral in a cemetry, Ghosts

When I open my eyes I feel uncomftable and myh heart starts to beat faster.

Could someone pls explain to me what is that !

Thanks and regards From Malta


I hav GAD to and yes, nightmares like that are common with me now. I've only had GAD for 8 days so far, ever since symptoms showed up, and i'm still freaking out over it. I've woken up from nightmares that include nuclear bombs, falling off cliffs, tornadoes, and the death of someone close. The past week has been horrible for me. Every time i have a panic attack i can't seem to calm down. To make things worse, most of my panic attacks occur at around 2:00. So what it looks like is a panic attack. Panic attack can happen any time, even if you're asleep. My panic attacks deprive me of sleep, which makes it even worse. A good idea is to drink milk a couple hours in advance before you go to bed. I also found that eating a bannana or at least part of one helped me out a lot.


hello kelaria how r u going ? Do u feel better lately?. Im still struggling with GAD and depression if you want some help join our group of Forum on webmd .com .There are a lot of people like us over there who shares their experiences together. Anyway take care of yourself and im waiting for your reply...


Gil xxx