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Is there any mental health section here? I am hoping for some help. I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for many years, and it get so bad that I see threats everywhere, and have bad flashbacks. I get anxiety attacks too, lose touch with reality, and see enemies all around me. My career has taken a turn for the worse and I know I need to get my act together. How do I stop losing touch with reality?


hey charissa, welcome to the club:)

Dont worry ure not alone out there. My name is Gilbert . Im male 31 from Malta . I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder. Yes I know how it feels like .. when u feel like losing touch with realith as u mentioned in ure post. I used to get them a lot in the beginning when I had very high anxiety. Mine was I use to feel anxious (overwhelming feelin) , my vision became blurry . My eyes gets heavy and I couldnt concentrate . Then this odd feeling comes to me . Its like im lost somwhere in space for a brief period of time im not connected anymore to the outside world. I dont like it at all!!! It sucks and I know how bad it feels . Theres another term that describes it better the doctors name it Depepersonalazation or Dearalazation . (I dont know if I wrote it good!!!) My English is not so good anyway!!!:-)

Socialise is the important thing to keep it fighting. Dont stay home alone in bed /watchin Tv because negative thoughts will start passing inside ure mind . Go out and try to enjoy life. I know sometimes its feels very difficult to start the day. Try and get enough sleep and good suppliments . The brain needs these things to continue fighting these symptoms!!! If u want to chat with me Im very talkative:) Im on facebook u can find me by Gilbert Camilleri Malta:)

Take care and send u ure replys)

Urs Gil x