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hi people,

Im suffering from depression i think and some anxieties. My anxieties has been controlled with XANAX or i dont know, but i think im feeling better now from panic attacks...

Plz is there somebody out there who know how to give me some help plz??

I have some vision changes. I see like blind spots floating in my vision. Sometimes my vision seems to be dull and i cant focus on such things . Its like i have foggy vision i dont know exactly how to describe it.....

Does this symptoms comes from depression or maybe the pills ? cause i really i dont know what can it be. Im not obsessed on my health . I mean im not saying that i have something serious in my eyes or something but really Im getting worried , the thing that i cant focus and this dull vision plus the blind spots

Plz help me cause im getting crazy''
Urs Gil from Malta


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But it would be good to go to report an eye doctor optometrist or better opthalmologist if to check inside your eyeballs.   So, eye doc could tell if your eyes are okay.   It sounds like retinal detachment.  It's best not to wait, so it can be fixed.