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I have seriouse anxiety,panic and depression and im havin my usual couple days of panic mode here..
Im freakin out because im afraid im goin crazy or i might die from this feeling of panic anxiety and all the above
All i want to do is cry and sleep .. I know im feeding my anxiety and such by sitting in my room just thinking about goin crazy and such but im so sick i cant eat or even drink anything ..
This anxiety is fueled by drinking friday for my b-day and then drinking again saturday for my bestfriends stagette ..
I always get this anxiety c**p after drinking and im so sick of this i am not drinking no more whats the point..
Also does anyone every forget to take there meds ?
I forget more than i take the damn things so no wonder im always freakin stuck with anxiety and panic all the time ..
just letting this out makes me feel so much better because i cant talk to anyone about this cause they dont know how i feel and i would just start crying and then have a panic attack ..I just hope this feeling goes away soon i hate feeling like this ...
please any one here no what im goin through or have any good advice or just tell me im ok and im not goin to die????????
thanks so much :-)


There are medications to treat your condition. Have you gone to see a doctor yet? Regular physical exercise will help keep your mind away from stray thoughts.


Honey , first of all You definately not going to die ok?... I had panic and anxiety attacks for about a year and I know how it feels . It really sucks like when youre somewhere with your friends and a strange feeling of fainting is coming on you or you just start to feel afraid from nothin.....I really understand How you feel because I had these symptoms but with some help from medications and will of getting over it I can say that im nearly recovered. I cannot say Im 100% feeling good but im 85 - 90%.

Friends and going out helps you a lot . Giving yourself a good night rest and drink some herbal tea like Ginko just before bedtime is wonderful....

Join a group where u can express yourself and talk about different experience with your friends and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!.... Nowadays we live in a very stressful life. Everyday we always think how to survive it . Money, food , work , children , debth, marriage, death of a dear one. Just imagine all these bad stuff hitting our mind , our selfconcious everyday . Your brain will tell us theres somethin wrong here 'HEY can you hold it for a moment. Youre fueling me with a lot of bad things!!! and it responds by letting out these strange panic attacks that you think that youre going crazy or you going to die . Belive me honey they are nothing but lies from the human mind . Its like when you burn your hand with a flame just before it gets burned you respond OUCH !!! that hurts and u pull out your hand quickly from the danger!!! Thats exactly what the mind does He replies back by telling you hey stop giving me more of these things I need some rest ok !!!

So First of all try and learn how to deal with these attacks . Confront them and accept them like I did and say to yourself ' They are nothin its just a panic attack I dont have nothing serious and Im not gonna die!!!' Try and give yourself enough sleep and take vitamins for your brain to focus and concentrate. I know its not easy but remember like they say. ' Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel!!! Enjoy life because we only have one and we need to appreciate what GOD gave us its such a wonderful thing that were arfe breathing second after second by the Hand of our creator!!!!

Take care and be blessed sweet

Gil from Malta( Depression and anxiety sufferer