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Has anyone else with depression/anxiety found their bowels a mess? I don't have solid stools ever, no food seems to be a culprit. My BM frequency has decreased a little since going on anti deps, but I still just seem to not be taking in any nutrients from my food. I sometimes have bits of undigested food in my stools.
I don't know if this is my mental state affecting my body or some physical disorder. I just want to have normal BMs and stop feeling weak and tired.


hi there

i have the same thing like you . My bowels are a mess. Sometimes I have diarrhea too. Sometimes i have undigested food and sometimes I make stools in small amount like pieces if u can understand me like this. Yes i have anxiety and depression too. Sometimes i feel very down.

I hope we can understand each other. I have trouble speaking too when talking to somebody or panic. Some tremors in my hand again are there too

May God bless you

Regards From Malta Gil