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is there pills or drug which makes me last longer during sex?i want to prolong for about 15 minets and above.


Lasting longer is an understandable goal, but it’s something which often just comes with practice and experience – and realizing that sometimes a man ejaculates more quickly than other times. That said, one of the best methods is to practice edging. For a couple of weeks, masturbate every day (or a couple of times each day if possible), but masturbate right up until you almost ejaculate; stop until the urge to ejaculate subside a little; then start masturbating again until you almost ejaculate; stop; and keep repeating for a half hour or more. Over time, this helps many men learn to control their ejaculations during partner sex. Edging can make your penis a little sore, so pamper it with a quality penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A cream with a great hydrator like vitamin e and a natural emollient like shea butter is best.