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I have a small, firm bump on my penis, right where the shaft meets the head. It is on the underside and offset to the side a bit. It isn't particularly painful, but I can feel a dull pain or soreness when I press it, which goes away quickly. Sometimes it'll hurt when I first press it, but after trying to press it again I don't feel any pain. It is more noticeable when I have an erection. When I don't have one, I can sometimes find it, sometimes can't. I noticed a similar bump a few years ago in the same spot, but forgot about it (maybe it disappeared?) until now. Any ideas what it may be?


Bumps of the type that you describe are common on the penis. Often they are related to build-up of skin (since the penis skin is loose and flexible); occasionally they are warts or pimples, but what you are describing doesn't sound like that. What is best is to find a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that includes a soothing emollient like shea butter and to rub that into the are regularly; this will help to prevent it from becoming sore and the health benefits of the cream will also aid in maintaining overall general penis health.  Good luck!