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Since i got my double cartilage pierced i been sleeping on my left side. Now that it has heeled i sleep on both. About 2 days ago i started feeling pain on my tragus (outter ear) and next to it, i thought it could be my wisdom tooth comin in but most of the pain is on the ear part. Wat could it be ?


Hello Molly, 

like you said, if your wisdom tooth is coming out, there is a good chance that's what's causing the pain. However, you should also keep an eye on the place where your ear was pierced. Since there's foreign object in your ear, your body might react with inflammation of the surrounding tissue (you'll notice this by pain accompanied by swelling) and there is also a chance that the piercing got infected. Infection too will cause the area around the piercing to be painful and swollen, and you also might notice clear or white puss oozing from the pierced spot of the ear. So far it doesn't sound like it's infected but I thought I was safe with my ear piercing too after it healed, but when I put a silver earing - I got a terrible allergic reaction.

wish you all the best,