So one night my ear started getting really swollen I just assumed it was infected because puss was coming out of the back (I know gross) so after I cleaned the back it was still all puffy but I went to sleep and was planning to go to piercing pagoda in the morning to see what I should do. The next morning when I woke up to piercing pagoda I had noticed that the diamond was got like sucked into the hole. So I went there with my sister and the piercing lady then told me I had to go to the emergency room and they would have to cut open my ear and then stitch it up. Still trying to remain calm I called my mom and she left work to meet us. After waiting like 10 minutes for a nurse to come look at me in the fast track portion of the E.R he said my ear would be numbed and then they would pop it out from the back. Then waiting like an hour to an hour and half the doctor finally came and looked at the ear she started to try to take it out without numbing it (don't do it have it numbed) I started immediately crying in pain which is a weird thing for me since I have a high pain tolerance. Well then she realized it needed to be numbed so she did that and took it out within like 2 minutes. After that she gave me a prescription to help with the healing process. A couple days later I woke up and realized that I was going through the same thing I did before my ear started to swell and my earring was slowly disappearing. My mom started to take it with tweezers in the kitchen. That hurt so bad I couldn't breathe. So overall I think you can say that I need to get my ears repierced because well now I only have my cartilage pierced.