hey my ear feels funny, i'v had peirceings before but i'v always ended up taking them of before it could heal. the last time i had it i had an infection, but that was 4-5 months ago.. i just recently got 2 peircings 1 in the same place and 1 close to it 2 (2 peircings on the loab)
my ear is feeling funny and i dont want to end up taking this earing off to. i put some vasaline on it and have been cleaning it regularily.
when my ear was infected, i had daily residue of this yellow stuff coming out.
today i noticed a really really really small bit of that stuff on the outside. looked like crust. what should i do? will cleaning it with ear piercing anticeptic cure this along with vasaline??
or could you sugest some points to help me out
i really dont want 2 take the earing of any more until it heals
please help me