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So basically my piercing is 2 months old and yesterday it started swelling, there's no free space to move the bar up and down now and it's the same colour as my skin(not red ) Im using a titanium bar . Is my bellyinfected or what coule be ggoing on with it , its quite sore to touch :( help please



since there is some swelling and the area around the piercing is sore to touch, but it started happening 2 months after you got the piercing, infection still might be responsible, but there is lso some chance that you might be allergic to the metal (if it wasn't 100% titanium). I'd recommend you to take both options into account and try putting Neosporin on the area few times a day. Also, you can check back to the place where you got your belly button pierced and hear what they think might be happening.

I had the same thing happen to me with the ear piercing - it also started 2 months later, but after I was told it's safe to switch to my own earrings instead of titanium.