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im wanting to get that top cartilage of my ear pierced an i would like to know the pros an cons of it . ive heard that if you get it done by i professional that you wont hit any nerves so it wont be bad is that true or is it just depend on the person?



I had my cartilage done a few years back.
The thing is, the pros and cons of getting it done are different for every individual.
Like me.

Pros: Awesome place to have done, most people now dig piercings, made me feel cuter.

Cons: Infected easily, hurt a little, couldn't sleep on that side the whole 6 weeks, caught on my hair a lot, harder to clean.

Those are my personal pros and cons. Hopefully I was able to help with your decision.
And the pain depends on the person. You see. It only stung for a little for me.
Who knows? It could be a piece of cake for you. :)