It was found recently that women who eat food based on soy have lower risk of heart disease. Japanese traditional food such as tofu, miso soup have high amount of isoflavones which is a natural source of estrogen and it’s similar to female hormone. Researchers found that women who consume soy at least five times a week have reduced risk of heart attack . This is particularly beneficial for woman at the beginning of menopause.

Estrogen is the most important female hormone and is of great importance for female body for it’s healthy functioning. Levels of estrogen are much lower when woman begins menopause and because of this it is of great benefit that woman consume as much soy based food as they can.
This Japanese way of living is much different from American because in general, Americans include more fat in their meals than Japanese.

This study showed that soy had no effects on male body, it is estrogen related and because of this represents great importance for woman general health issue.