New study found interesting fact that lack of sunlight can increase risk of lung cancer which is a very dangerous disease that kills over a million year every year around the world. Researchers found link between exposure to ultraviolet B light and risk of lung cancer. During the research they investigated impact of UVB light and cigarette smoking on lung cancer . Smoking was found to be primary cause of lung cancer in 80% of investigated cases but severe impact of UVB light which is a main source of vitamin D for the body also has an impact on this disease.

It’s already known that the amount of UVB light increases with proximity to the equator. Research found that more cases of lung cancer show in the countries that are most further from the equator. It was also found that higher cloud cover and airborne aerosol levels had an impact on higher rates of lung cancer.

Results of the study concluded that cigarette smoking, total cloud cover and airborne aerosols were related to higher rates of lung cancer and greater exposure to UVB light was related to lower rates of this disease. This study proved that vitamin D can reduce tumor growth and although main cause of lung cancer is still cigarette smoking, exposure to UVB can reduce signs of this disease.