Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing? Whether it's possible still the ECP stuffing around with me? Or whether I should just head into the doctors (I despise going so I'd rather do my best to avoid it!)

I took the morning after pill (single dose) within a few hours after sex at the end of February. I didn't get any real side effects from it other than getting diarrhea (TMI, sorry!) almost immediately for about half an hour which is apparently okay so I'm not too worried about that My period came mid-march only a few days late. Lasted almost 5 days but was a mixture of clear fluid, clotting and brown spotting except on the last day where I did have some normal blood in the morning although at no time was it enough to come close to filling a pad, the entire time I was having bad cramping though. I assume it was strange as it was my first cycle after taking the ECP, usually my cycle is 6-10 days of heavy bleeding and heavy clotting and bad cramps.
On and off since I've had headaches but for the last three days now I have had them much more severely that are worse when I'm moving around and only seem to stop long enough for me to realise just how light headed I am. Still getting random abdominal cramps that can get quite intense (but I'm also quite gassy for some reason so I think that's what's causing the cramping.) Having trouble sleeping although I'm incredibly tired and just feeling run-down and gross in general. I've taken ibuprofen and codeine but it's done pretty much nothing to relieve any symptoms.
I'm 26 and quite healthy otherwise.

Any opinions or similar experiences would be appreciated!