I had unprotected sex on December 28th. I woke up with my period the next morning. Once I got off my period, I had sex again on January first through the fourth, all unprotected. I didn't think much of anything until I started getting period like cramps and started having brown discharge on the eleventh which lasted until the fourteenth. It was very light and was only there when I wiped. I realized my cycle is about 26 days, so my first fertile day of this month was on the sixth; which was when I had the normal white discharge. But, I basically feel like I do when I'm on my period; I've been bloated, tired, emotional, cramping since I got the brown discharge and very recently, my breasts have been sore. It's more like my nipples are sensitive though. Also, I've had lots of gas and I get the hiccups very often. I've been getting headaches a lot, I also go to bed a lot earlier than usual and wake up several times but have no trouble getting back to sleep. This morning, when I went to the bathroom I noticed my urine smelled sweet. I've been having a lot of egg-white discharge. I'm suppost to start my period this monday. Do you think there's a chance I could be pregnant? Should I take an hpt or see if I get my period?