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The first day of my last period was Nov. 16, my boyfriend & I have been having unprotected sex on almost a daily basis. My periods are very regular, 28-day cycles and the flow is pretty moderate, not exactly light & not at all heavy like this. Before it came, I took 3 HPTs & all were negs, at first I thought there was a possibility that i was pregnant until the 23, this past Thursday. I went to use the bathroom & when I wiped there was a small amount of blood on the tissue, not spotting, but it also didn't soak it. So I used a tampon...about 5-7 hrs later, I went to the bathroom & it was completely drenched by dark brown discharge, with 2 separate patches of blood on it. For the rest of the night barely anything came down & the next day was the same, but then around 4am my boyfriend & I had sex a little on the rough side, by the time we were finished, blood was everywhere, a puddle on the sheet & all over both of us. Ever since then I've been bleeding very, VERY heavily with some cramping. What could be the cause? I'm going to make an appt. after the holidays..Today is the 3rd day by the way.

I also thought I was showing early signs of pregnancy, i've been abnormally lethargic, sluggish, I can be sitting down & if I close my eyes, I can take a nap, which I despise, at any time of the day without being sleepy or tired. The only time I actually had to take naps was when I was pregnant w/my 1st child, all throughout my 1st trimester.

And I threw up yesterday, which I NEVER do, I mean I have before but I had the 24-hr stomach flu both times. I did not have any morning sickness with my first, I did not throw up once.

I doubt i'm pregnant, but it's ironic that I have these symptoms plus my wacky period dilemma.


Heavy bleeding could easily be caused by hormonal imbalance. I’m sure you know already that things like stress or change in weight can cause big changes in menstrual cycle. There are other reasons for hormonal changes but these are most common. But besides hormonal changes, small infections like urinary tract infection or pelvic infection can cause this change in bleeding. General rule is that if it doesn’t start happening regularly it’s probably nothing serious, so you shouldn’t be that much worried just because of this one time. And you’re seeing a doctor soon, so you’ll soon know whatever is the cause. Worrying only makes things worse.