A year ago I had an acdf c6-7 due to impinging C7 nerve. Surgery should fix everything, so they said. I still have severe  pain, burning and loss of mobility in neck, along with severe pins, needles and numbness in left arm and hand, fingers have become almost impossible to move on their own. An EMG was preformed a yr ago with the diagnosis as Chronic Radiculopathy C7 without active devernation. The pain has become worse with movement of head in any direction, moving arm only makes things worse along with fingers even though they are numb and almost immobile feel like it is a brick about to explode, along with what I call almost like hot flashes throughout the day and worse while in bed. I was ordered a CT-Myleogram and discovered that I now have another herniation C5-6 impinging C6 nerve with a bone spur which appears to be hitting my spinal cord, along with what appears to be scar tissue on my C7 nerve. 

All symptoms have increased and makes it almost unbearable at times, sleep is almost next to none due to pain, even with pain pills. Now they sent me for another EMG and this one they said was "normal". How can this be normal when in fact things are worse?