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Hi there,
I had a cervical discectomy c6/c7, 3 months ago. I experience a lot of problems in the morning. Nauseated in the morning. Sore neck and weakness in my legs and upperarms both the same level of irritation.
I had a gastroscopy but nothing was found in my stomach etc. that could cause the problems with nausea.
On c5c6 was a small protrusion that was not impinging the myelum (spinal cord) but was leaning against it. Can that be the problem?
I feel so bad in the morning. Can someone give me an answer?
gr. Mart


I actually had C5,C6 surgery 4 years ago and have the issues you are now speaking of. My neck (lower part), arms, right leg and last 3 toes actually go numb on me with any amount of physical activity or strain such as standing or sitting too long.
Strange isn't it. I have had many test without a diagnosis. I've been told I have nerve damage from the surgery, Fibromyalgia, RSD, etc. So without sounding too negative...take a guess at what I have.
Anyway with my experience there is a good possiblity that your C5,C6 issue is causing your problems. I've learned that alot of times one spine surgery will put extra stress on another part of the spine thus needing additional surgeries.
Before I had this surgery my symptoms were severe arm weakness. Pain in my neck, shoulder, arm, hand and thumb (all on right side).
Unfortunately for me the surgery only made my condition worsen and progress even though test show everything went well with the surgery and all is well with my spine. I cannot get a good nights sleep because if I lay my head on a pillow too long I will wake up to a severe headache and nausea. My definition of this is its as if I put a "strain" on my muscles while I sleep. I'm stiff and sore all over when I awake.
I know this sounds a bit riddled but I hope I've given you some useful information.



Hi there KariB,

did you had multiple surgeries or just one? What is your age? I had the same problems with my left arm, neck etc.

What is RSD causing, I dont know what RSD means? Did you had problems preop very long, or just short?

The problems I had before surgery are solved, but the effects of the surgery are quit problematic. I have similar weakness in boths upperarms, just if a nerve is pressed. The same smilar feeling in my legs, weak feeling hard to describe.

I wake up every morning feelings sick, just if I slept on muscles or nerves that are reacting on sleeping on them.

If a herniated disc has to be pulled out and has been sitting there for a long time pulling out is more difficult and maybe that can cause some nerve damage. Ive been told that nerves are healing 3 mm pro year. So if it is half a centimeter that the nerves were impinged it can last up to 1 or 2 years. Do you use meds? What meds? I use Neurotin 400mg 3 times a day. Your suggestion that C5C6 protrusion is causing problems is possibel. But on th MRI it shows that this protrusion is not impinging the spinal cord. It is just leaning against the spinal cord (myelum) The 15th of september 2009 I will vist the hospital (a dutch one) to make another MRI.

Maybe the neurlogist will come to another conclusion concverning C5C6. Are there nonsurgical ways to get a bulging or protrusion disc treated? Maybe you know something more as I do. KariB? Hope to hear from you soon an get my questions answered by you.

Thanks in advance, greetngs, Mart (hope you will recover or get a miuch better situation as you are in now!!!!


First off I'd like to answer your questions.
I only had C-5, C-6 done 4 yrs ago. I am now 49 yrs old but at time of surgery I was 45. Very active and fairly physically fit.
RSD is reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It would probably be best if you did a search on this instead of me trying to explain it. The pain started in my jaw then progressed to my neck, arms, shoulders and hands about 5 yrs prior to ACDF surgery.
Most definitely I take pain meds! I could not survive without them. I take a very unusual pain med, Fiornal w/cod, because I am super sensitive to medications. No it does not relieve all of my pain but make the pain tollerable.
I have tried Lyrica, Cymbalta and neuroton. All of this make me crazy!
I've also tried Skelexin 800mg (muscle relaxer) that upsets my stomach. I've tried stronger pain medicines such as Vicoden and Percocet. They also make me nuts!
I don't know of any non surgical procedure you can try that may help you. I have had physical therapy 3 times since surgery and twic before I had surgery. I've tried chiorpractors (sp?). None of these have helped me long term.
Sounds to me that your pain is similiar to mine. Unfortunately on this site I have gotten feedback from quite a few people that share our medical mystery. All have had ACDF neck surgery and continue having the same or worsening symptoms than they had prior to surgery.
I honestly do not think there is an answer. I've been to quite a few specialists ranging from neurologist, rheumotologists and GP's. I've had all kinds of test ran. I was even suspected of having MS thank goodness that turned out negative.
The only thing that has shown up during all these tests that is rather strange is that I do have foreign matter (white spots) in my brain stem. One neurologists said since I didn't have MS at some point in time I must have had a mini stroke because it is very unusual for someone my age to have white spots in my brain stem.
A mini stroke is a very good possibility because I've had several episodes with stroke symptoms some time back. However the neuro tells me that would still not cause me all of my weakness, numbness and pain.
I know I've given up trying to find a solution. There is not a test I have not endured and all come back with any real diagnosis on what could be wrong with me.
Sorry I can't help find an answer. As you can clearly see I can't find one myself.
Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll try to help you as best I can cause one thing is for sure I've been through everything trying to make this c**p "go away" and nothing, thus far, has worked.


Were you able to apply some of the information that KariB posted? Do you think that it might be something that can't be fixed? I really feel for what you're going through and wish I could be helpful. Let me know how you're doing.