So the first time a got a UTI infection was in june of this year 2013 and i got antibiotics and it when away and i usually got my period ending a month but then my period was a week late so i took pregnancy test cause im married and sexualy active of course and it came out negative so then after that my period changed to starting a month so then i get another uti infection again on august and also went to the doctors got antibiotcs and what so ever and i get my period another week late so then my period changed and i started getting my period the second week of a month and then it stood that way and now october 2013 i got another UTI infection and im taking antibiotics and drinking fluids like cranberry juice and stuff but im suppose to be getting my period but i havent gotten it and is gonna be a week late .. So idk im very confused my body is really really weird i get UTI's alot and it worrys me and then my period is always changing plus me and my husband are trying for a baby so i dont know if my periods late beacuse of my UTI infection or cause i might be pregnant , well i really doubt that im pregnant cause everytime i take a pregnancy test is always negative so im pretty sure is not that but idk i need some really really 911 help here ASAP please ,  Some help me out here