OK, this may sound odd, but... I just woke up due to feeling a cold wetness upon turning over. I had been asleep only about 2 hours, and had gone to the bathroom just before bed. As I laid there trying to figure out what this massive amount of wetness was, I could feel the sensation of liquid coming up between the labia, like discharge or blood can sometimes do. When I stood up, liquid ran down my legs. It was clear, not tacky, and very much like water. It didn't have a smell to it. My bed had a big wet spot on it. The spot on the bed did smell of urine, but I believe that is because this liquid rdehydrated the area where my young son peed in my bed about two weeks ago. Again, this was a very clear, water-like substance and the liquid that was on my leg did not have a scent to it. I have not had sex in over a year, but do use an external vibrator on occasion. I was not aroused when I went to bed, nor did I have an orgasm prior to falling asleep. I am slightly crampy, I am 35, and I have a Mirena IUD to treat endometriosis. Has anyone had this happen before?