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I'm 18 and I've been on the shot but recently I've been having clear watery discharge from my vagina with an unpleasant smell can some one help me??? Also I don't have any itching or burning its just the smell! And the nagging of the watery discharge


Many women see watery vagina discharge sometimes, particularly after exercising and even due to using vaginal douches... which are bad news for the vaginal flora by the way! So I would not be worried about the clear, watery discharge by itself. 

The bad smell is a worry, though. Foul smelling discharge is most commonly linked with infections of different kinds. You can have an infection even if you don't have itching, burning, or pain. Infections sometimes don't have symptoms at all. See a doctor if you can, definitely do not douche, and also look into taking probiotics which should help if you have a yeast infection.