I have been having excessive vaginal discharge that varies from clear and runny to yellow and somewhat runny. This has been happening now for at least a month and a half. In addition to this nasty excessiveness, I missed my period last month. I had no signs of my period coming and still do not. I went to my doctor and had a pregnancy test and urine analysis done to check for other infection. At this time I would have been 6 weeks pregnant and would have shown up positive if it were positive. Well, the results came back negative for all tests done. Then my doctor put me on birth-control to regulate me. I was told to cycle to the pill. But I have this nagging little problem and I don't know what to do about it. I'm tired of feeing like my vagina is regurgitating and ruining alot of my panties because of the wetness. Please any information would be helpful.