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Hi, I have hepatitis c. Can you please tell me which vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal supllements can help me to keep this disease under control. Now I am taking milk thistle, which I have heard is good. Any advice on how to control this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what symptoms can I expect to maybe come down with as a result of this. I know fatigue is one and can Vitamin B12 shots help combat the fatigue. Also are Vit B12 shots safe to take for someone with hepc? Also, can enemas help to clean the liver of toxins? I have heard that also.

thanx for all the info you can give me.

any good web sites to check out that have some of the above info?


Hi, I just happened across this posting and didn't see that anyone had responded to you. With regard to taking supplements when you have Hep C, there are some that are good for you to take and there are others you should try to stay away from.

Fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D and E) are stored in the liver. Vitamin A, one of the fat soluble vitamins should not be taken by people with hepatitis c. That includes its precursor beta carotene. Studies have shown that there is an increase in the damage of the liver particularly when these compounds are taken with alcohol.

Vitamin D is necessary for bone metabolism however there have been some reports of caution with higher doses in people with hepc. This would include the dosage of 1,000 IU that is recommended for people that suffer from osteopenia (pre osteoporosis). As women enter into menopause the complications due to hepatitis c compound treatment.

Niacin can be really hard on the liver. It should be avoided by people with chronic liver disease. This is Vitamin B3. It is also available in a form that you can take and that is called niacinamide.

You will need to check your multivitamin for the inclusion of iron because it is commonly added. It is possible to get a multivitamin without iron however I have not been able to find a multivitamin without vitamin A, beta carotene and iron. Keep an eye out for niacin but it is not usually in the multivitamin because it causes flushing and itching.

Antioxidants protect cells from damage by free radicals. They work against the process of oxidation which is the robbing of electrons from substances. The following antioxidants are either decreased in hepatitis c or offer protection to the liver. Alpha lipoic acid, selenium (zinc), folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, milk thistle, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Coenzyme Q and (B12).

To my knowledge enemas cannot cleanse the liver of toxins. That said, Nature's Sunshine has a product called LIVER CLEANSE FORMULA (100) that provides nutritional support to the liver and gall-bladder; promotes cleansing and detoxification mediated by the liver; and supports digestive functions. You can find it by visiting and entering stock number 1010-3 into the product search function.

As with any supplement or herbal product, you really should consult your doctor before using a product.

With regard to symptoms, I have a couple of pages dedicated to symptoms on my website.

Best wishes,

Larry C.