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When wrinkles or grooves begin to appear on the head of the penis, there are usually unseen damages to the underlying soft tissue that is the reason for such a presentation. The penis is a complex organ and is composed of multiple layers of tissues to allow it to expand during an erection and return to flaccidity during periods of rest. The outer layer is called the corpus cavernosum and the inner layer is referred to as the corpus spongiosum. 

The corpus cavernosum is where we will focus our discussion because this is what is causing the problems in the first place. The corpus cavernosum is responsible for the network of blood vessels that engorge the penis and create an erection, and it also sends chemicals to close veins to make sure that blood does not escape the penis prematurely. In the event this layer of tissue is damaged; however, there will be a problem with this network of blood that can cause wrinkling or damage to the soft tissue that is found in the corpus cavernosum. This can occur with intense sexual activity, aggressive masturbation or specific sexual positions putting extreme trauma on the shaft. 

Because this layer of the penis is so important to proper function, it has been physiologically designed to make sure that it self-fixes to prevent irreversible damage. When these micro traumas occur, the penis will begin to undergo fibrosis Collagen tissue will replace the normal smooth muscle tissue that is part of the penis naturally and this will cause the skin to become softer. This leads to the skin folding in on itself and can create wrinkles or grooves. 

If you find yourself at this stage, the most important thing to do is make sure that you seek immediate help from your urologist to make sure the problem does not get any worse.

Androgens are important to improve the health of the tissue and will restore blood flow to repair the damage, which will also cause nitric oxide and prostaglandin E to be released. 

Lifestyle modifications are also recommended when you have this condition because you can continue to put yourself at risk if you do not reduce the risk factors. Dietary modifications include reducing soy consumption, limiting the amounts of red meats, no refined sugars, and even high fructose corn syrup.

Exercises and diminished sexual activity will also prove beneficial. Patients with this condition should only allow natural erections and limit any masturbation during this period. 

A good rule of thumb is to try to limit ejaculations to only one every 2 to 4 weeks for a period up to 4 months. This reduction in activity will allow your penis to have time to self-heal and return to the normal shape that it once had. 

If efforts are not made to reduce sexual activity, the corpus cavernosum will continue to weaken and erections may be impossible in the future if there is significant nerve damage.

Patients also risk decreasing the tissue integrity of the area and can have what is called a penile fracture. This occurs when the corpus cavernosum is damaged during an erection and blood engorges into the area. This is considered a medical emergency and will require a lengthy hospital stay so make sure you avoid putting yourself in an unnecessary circumstance. 

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