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basically i just have questions about how to improve the look of a man penis.

this not meant to be a spam. please do not ban me. i just have some questions.

Everything from the the erection shape to (girth & length) to the overall look of the penis skin whether erect of not.

i do realize this is an odd topic. i can understand if some folks are grossed by what i'm saying. And i apologize for that.

we live in a world full of male enhancement and viagra adds and male enhancement spam mail and so

i want to talk about keeping the little head,shaft,and balls polished looking.

for example take a look at these links

basically in these before and after pics these dudes had their pricks lengthened and widened. but if you look at these pics these dudes have ROUGH hairy looking penis'. so length and girth doesn't help the fact that they look rough down there.

Now that i'm 27 i think back to the days when i used to look at lots of porno as a teenager. . Porn made me really look at myself, my genitalia. And i have to complement some of the male performers i used to see. Because they are either genetically gifted or they just keep their penises really polished looking somehow.

again we live in a world full of blow job jokes too. We even hear stories about men breaking up with their girlfriend/wives because she "won't give me head" or something.

but i say that if we men expect our female counterparts to go down on us we have to help them out. we have to atleast try to make our pricks alittle more polished if we can. again back to porn. some of the male performs i used to see were really polished and others have the ugliest most UN polished pricks ever to the point where it makes me feel sorry for the actress performing with him.

i guess i'm thinking of the same principles people apply to their facial skin care and facials and so on.

some of us have really ugly circumcision lines some of us have spots or dots. Some of us have balls/testical sacks that really droop. some of us have little tiny tiny prickly bumps here and there. Some of us have pricks that are just rough looking instead of smooth. some of us have pricks that are a multitude of different color complextions from the balls to tip. I can understand why some women simply don't want to go down there because in some cases a ugly circumcised monster awaits to terrorize them and give them nightmares.

So i'm wondering since there is SO much male enhancement products/techniques out there that does anyone know of any line of products that emphasize the polishing/smoothing of the little thing. or surgery or cosmetics or anything that helps the penis look smoother.

again i'm not refering to washing. but again just as some people use advanced skin care products to polish their faces. for example getting a facial.
i just feel that since there is a new science out there about making a mans penis bigger and can help a man have a ake erection (viagra). i have even come across stuff that emphasizes helping a mans who has a crooked penis and a crooked erection.

There are even products aimed at old men who are really have realy wore down pricks, and mind you some old men really need this stuff.

a while ago i unintentionaly saw pic of a naked old man on the internet and i almost vomitted. i thought "no man should ever have to go thru that."

We all wash, clean, and shave down the hair if necessary. if its ashy we get some lotion. that's common. but that's not what i mean.

i felt that there must be stuff that helps someone who has a rough texture to their prick. or again someone who has a ugly circumcision line. or spots or dots. or little tiny tiny prickly bumps around the head. or like a man who has a pick that is a complextion that is differnt from the rest of his body. Like say man with a light color complextion who has a really really dark ugly penis and maybe other horrors.

i once saw a dude in a porn flick who had almost no circumcision line. i mean sure he was circumcized but it almost looked like it was polished down or something. His prick was simply too clean, his skin down there was simply too polished and his skin was simply too polished and even to be a normal prick. He had to have gotten help getting it like that. so there has to be something that pornstars use (especially today) to get their pricks polished.

i'm considering asking a male pornstar thru a forum about this too.

i was at alittle while ago and i think the interview was taken down. but Ron Jeremry the porn actor had said that not many man can maintain an erection for a long time, but that now because of modern technology any man can just pop a pill and its easy.

just the other day i was doing some research online and i checked my e-mail and i got porn spam pop up. and it shows a pic of dude with a penis that is again super polished. Its was too ideal to the point where its unreal but again its ideal. so i wonder what he does to make his like that. I would love to have what it is.

then i got to thinking that since there is a movement to help IMPROVE the size of man penis and to create erections and/or help fix crooked bent erections i felt there must also be products that help with the other things i mention.

Sure some of the male porn actors are just gifted. they just are. but others have had help. and all i'm saying is i want the same help. too i'm sure if i look hard enough i'll find something.

i have considered getting electrolysis/laser hair removal on on my pubic hair at some point.

i'm also glad to see that there are penis exercises i can do to increase girth/length and/or i can talk to a doc and go that route. and i'm also glade to see that i can work in making my erection straighter and less bent/crooked.

but if i can't improve the look of my penis skin and smooth it out then its really all pointless.

but i guess its just getting it staighter wider little longer and prettier and less rough and hairy.

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This is an unusual topic, but I have some thoughts on it. I think that if you're looking to improve your general look, you can improve the quality of the skin on your penis like you could anywhere else on your body. You can use lotion or other products that don't irritate. As for the circumcision line, that's the luck of the draw. It sounds like the particular man you saw with a "perfect penis" had a circumcision that ended up being aesthetically pleasing. If you really are concerned about it, I imagine they could do plastic surgery for you! Have you looked into that?


well actually i don't know of any product/cosmetic or if any such surgeon or process even exists that does what im describing. or if its even possible. i wouldn't even know where to start looking or asking.

but i have felt that since there is a strong MOVEMENT to get a men penis longer, wider & straighter. i feel like there ought to be something that helps it LOOK smoother and more polished.

for example at this website

apparently there is something called labiaplasty meant to help women who have a dirty dark looking labias.

so i would think that the same applies to men who have ugly circumcisions or all the types of issues & things i mention.

i'm considering getting laser-electrolysis hair-removal on my pubic area and scrotum and maybe even my anus possibly but once that is done i would like to try to get my penis/balls more polished looking. but i guess no one out there does that sort of thing. honestly i would not know where to look for answers.

but seriously i can only point to porno actors because again some (not all) of these dudes have a super polished thing going on and it simply cannot be natural. and i have always thought to myself. "what the heck or these guys doing to get their penises that clean/polished looking?". yes again some of these dudes are just gifted.

Ron Jeremy the porn actor is an example of such a person who has a long, straight, smooth looking johnson and his circumcision line is not to bad at all. his stuff is naturally smooth.

but there are other dudes out there of present who have a very polished look that would look asthetically pleasing to the ladies. and i just refuse to believe that its natural. i say to myself "now that dude had some help getting it like that"

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Well, as I said, I think that the best method for you to be able to find out that this is possible is to consult with a plastic surgeon. I know that there are a lot more surgeries out there than you might expect, and if they can do work on labias, they can certainly do work on the circumcision line to clean it up. I imagine it would be a fairly quick surgery for them. Why don't you try calling a few plastic surgeons in your area?


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amen. give me an email! I am curious what it looks like.


Hi B Hayes:

Men who have been deforeskinned can restore the normal appearance of the penis by reforekinning their penis by nonsurgical foreskin restoration.

Foreskin restoration is available to you to recover and protect the head by reforeskinning your penis.

It is possible to extend the residual shaft skin on a circumcised penis to form a new foreskin and has been done or is being done by hundreds of thousands of men.

Foreskin restoration was known in ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible, but the technique was lost and only rediscovered in the late 20th century – about 40 years ago. Many still do not know that foreskins can be restored.

The decision to restore one's foreskin is a personal decision. It depends on how strong one’s feelings are about one’s unwanted non-voluntary circumcision, because foreskin restoration by tissue expansion is somewhat slow. Some men think it is worthwhile to restore and others don't think so.

Surgical foreskin restoration has been tried but does not give good results. Moreover, some men have had very serious complications from surgical foreskin restoration. The favored method is non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Foreskin restoration can only proceed as fast as skin can grow. Some believe that foreskin restoration goes much faster when one is young because there is more growth hormone in the body. The stretching causes tissue expansion and permanent growth of the length of your foreskin.

Foreskin restoration works by "tissue expansion". When traction is applied to skin to keep it under tension, the skin reacts by expanding to relieve the tension. New skin cells are formed and the skin under tension expands. This is a permanent increase. Cells divide to create two skin cells out of one. The process is called "mitosis". The time taken for cells to divide limits the speed of foreskin restoration.

For foreskin restoration the shaft skin is placed under longitudinal tension or traction, which causes it to expand so as to make it longer. As the shaft skin gets longer, one starts to see little wrinkles in the skin. As elongation continues, skin will start to pile up in the coronal sulcus. Then, with increasing length, the shaft skin will start to lap over the head in a little fold. This is the start of the new foreskin. Since a double layer is needed, quite a lot of skin must be created.

Continued stretching and skin expansion will eventually cover the head of the penis with foreskin. Over the longer term, it is possible to create a foreskin that is long enough to cover the erect penis.

Foreskin restoration improves appearance. As the foreskin lengthens, the scar from the circumcision is covered over and disappears. The result is a very natural appearing foreskin that is very difficult to distinguish from a natural foreskin.

The procedure does not use drugs or surgery and the medical profession is not involved in any way. Non-surgical foreskin restoration is very safe and painless.

The restored foreskin keeps the glans penis moist and sensitive. The layer of keratin on the glans of the circumcised penis sloughs off after a period of constant coverage by the restored foreskin. The surface becomes softer to the touch.

Foreskin restoration cannot restore the frenulum, nor can it restore the heavily innervated ridged band, however, a restored foreskin does have sensation. Morever, the increased skin mobility allows better stimulation of the remaining nerves.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration has beneficial sexual and emotional effects.

Foreskinned males who have inadequate short foreskins may use the same techniques to lengthen their existing foreskin.

There are now several good devices on the market to make foreskin restoration go faster.

Search the Internet for "foreskin restoration" for more information.


Keeping the penis looking good and healthy is crucial, and something far too many men ignore – so kudos to you for being concerned! One thing that can be a big help is to regularly apply a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains amino acids, vitamins and moisturizers. This can be an aid in treating dry/flaky skin on the member, unwanted odor (a common problem), loss of sensation in the penis, etc.  Good luck!



I second georgemed's advice -- a penis health cream with Shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C can moisturize and help the skin look more youthful. They have other ingredients beneficial to overall penile health and function, too. Good on you for not being overly concerned about length -- that's all-too-common, and almost always unnecessary.



Using a health cream can absolutely help. Man1 Man Oil is made for the penis and has Shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C in it. Those ingredients contribute to moisturized, supple and firm skin.



Man1 man oil gave me a huge pimple. Gotta be something better out there