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Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem. My daughter bought a new house a year ago and I visit weekly to see my 2 yr old grandson. I had my left lung removed due to lung cancer 1&1/2 yrs ago. I have gotten dizzy standing up and walking at her house ONLY. I have no issues at my house or anywhere else. My blood pressure is fine (I check it 2x's daily), my oxygen levels are above 95% when I stand up. I actually fainted over there yesterday. I am on no meds currently. I called the American Lung Association today and they were baffled. They suggested I drink more water, which I will, but I don't get dizzy going anywhere or doing anything else so I really don't think water consumption is the issue. I am cancer free currently. I have even started looking into weather systems (specifically low pressure) to see if anyone else connects to this issue in this way. The Lung Association suggests that maybe there may be chemicals in her furniture (she has no rugs) that react to close that one airway I have down. My daughter, her husband and 2 yr old have no issues, the house is 12 years old. Anyone have any ideas?? I am a 61 yr old male and have COPD in the one lung I have left-with only 70% capacity left. I did stop smoking a year before my cancer was discovered..... Glad to be alive byt am afraid to go over to my daughters house now that I have been getting dizzy there


Hi Jerry,

What's your O2 sat while at your daughters?

It may not be the furniture, there could be mold or something else in the house - from the prior owners perhaps.

Discuss this with your doctor.  They know your history and chan help narrow this down.