I met my significant other around 2009.  His wife of 20+ years passed away in 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer.  They had 2 daughters...one 14 and one 10 at the time of her passing.  I never knew them or anyone associated with them.  All I know is that when their youngest daughter was born, she was still breastfeeding her when she found out she had breast cancer.  As soon as his wife passed away, her "best friend" was apparently and conveniently there, waiting to "take care of him and his 2 daughters".  this did stir up quite some rumors in our small town.  Again, I only heard names and rumors....I did not know any of them personally.  The friend wanted to be there to console the family and continue to be a friend and support system...well we all know what happened next.  They started secretly "seeing one another" and keeping it form family and friends until it got out in our small community.  They lasted about three years.  Once he came calling on me (through a professional introduction) she fought tooth and nail to get him back....I almost gave up.  I have felt this mans sadness, emptiness and longing.  I have been there for him. I have wiped his tears.  I have allowed him to weep in my arms talking and remembering his deceased wife.  I have done this for his two daughters.  We have a total of 5 children between us....STRESS....EVRYONE got along so well the first 2 years of our relationship that we were all inseparable.  I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED.  My home was broken into....he said he wanted to get married and did not want me to rent another home or buy another home so we could save money.  Merging a family to this magnitude is a thought and planning process in itself, but he insisted.  We moved in, plans were made to finish the basement out for more living space, etc.  3 in college at the same time....love knows no boundaries...right...


I do not know how much more I can post here...I COULD WRITE A BOOK!  

Short story....after almost 4 wonderful years, it all came crashing down like an implosion.  His youngest daughter posted something very negative about me and my family on Twitter and a friend of mine saw it and text me asking what in the world was that about...i looked at it and knew immediately what it was.  I have ALWAYS been a support system, loving, caring, attentive and so forth to his girls to the point my 3 children were jealous but overcame it.  We parted ways and now he does not know what he wants, he says he thought he was "over his wifes passing" but his girls are extremely jealous and in control of his life.  I love all three of them but cannot live in "HER SHADOW"  I am not her, they're mother, wife or anything else...just me....now he wants to see me when it is convenient for him..when his girls are not around...I am truly in love with him and cannot win against his girls nor will I try to fight it....one is a Senior in College the other  Senior in High School....i may add the he has a serious alcohol problem (beer only) and he is drinking himself to death..


Any suggestions