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Hi everyone :) I am 19 years old and have been smoking for 5 years. I have never had problems with my lungs until i stayed at my fathers house. I don't smoke too much but they chain smoke and i had no real air getting into my lungs. its been a week and since then my right lung has seem to get worse. first i just had a pain all over my chest but now my right lung feels collapsed almost. i feel as if im only breathing through my left lung. i can only feel my right lung when i breathe in deeply but then it hurts too much. i can be sitting doing nothing at all and have a feeling like im not breathing right- like someone is sitting on my right lung. also the fresh air seems to trigger the pain aswell. i would go to a dr but i dont want to waste their time if this is nothing. any ideas? thanks :)


Hi Paige,

You need to see your doctor.  It could be bronchitis, an inflammation of the bronchioles that feed air to the lungs, or less likely, pneumonia.

He can listen to your chest and determine what the cause is.  You are not wasting his/her time.

Good luck, keep us posted.