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If my daughter had a reaction to a metal allergy wouldn't she have had a bad reaction to the earrings in BOTH ears instead of just ONE ear???? I have 2 daughters age 9 &10. My 9 yr. Old just recently had her left ear swell up twice its size and turned red and the redness moved into her face. The Dr. us unsure if she has an allergy to nickel in earrings or was bitten by something. But only her left ear was hurting and swollen. The other ear was normal. She had one pair of earrings in and took them out and changed them out. She didn't feel being bitten by something but that isn't uncommon. I would also think if it was a metal allergy wouldn't it also affect her by her experiencing an allergic reaction by wearing bracelets and necklaces????? It has me confused. To be on the safe side I took all earrings away from both daughters BC afraid that it could be hereditary and my oldest daughter is having a crying fit without her jewelry to wear to school. Please anyone who has experienced a metal allergy help me understand about it more clearly so I can make a better decision about my girls and ill know how to deal with broken hearts. Ty. Concerned momma of pre-teen daughters.


Hi there

Awwwwwwwwwww this is sad. But, if she has metal allergy it could be other parts on her body, not just her ear. I suggest you try these remedies -

Keep the area clean, take a ear bud and clean the area gently

Boil some water, add about two teaspoonful of sea salts. Allow it to cool and then wash the area with this salted water

Apply a warm compress to the area

Avoid pools, rivers, lakes, hot tubs, and other places that may harbor infectious bacteria

Discard existing earrings and get new ones that are gold plated or made from surgical steel

Good luck