It's a new statement for Physician monitored Chronic Severe Nerve pain sufferers, to allow themselves to let go of the guilt or shame of any prescribed medication or physical addiction they have. E.N.I.O.N. Stands for-End Narcotic Ignorance of  Neuralgia's.  Family members, loved one's, and even those you don't know may add to your stress & concern about your use of narcotics for a long term= Chronic, Severe Nerve Pain. Often a "raw" nerve pain that most medications can't help because the actual nerve would need to be injected and numbed to resolve that type of severe pain. Yet, narcotics can take the edge off of this inhumane pain. ENION supports you in wise care, monthly visits to your prescribing doctor, which should be a Pain Specialist or a dr. within a Pain Clinic. They can monitor how the rx's are working or not working for you, make changes and work with you on other ways to lessen the struggle of life with chronic severe pain. Botox is now being used in a different dosage and use...to numb raw nerve pain similar to pain you would get from a root canal without numbing it first. So the botox can aid that, yet it is expensive and not all insurance companies will pay for it, yet. Another option is a nerve block. You may wonder why when you are on dilauded or morphine and your pain just won't quit, like a Gladiator. Well. RAW nerve pain means the pain is exactly ON and part of the nerve. It is not a radiating pain from another location (yet IT may radiate out pain).. and RAW nerve pain feels exactly like opening a live tooth and even the air offers killer pain. Then if you were to have an instrument ever so slightly touch it, you know, you're coning out of the chair. So to stop RAW nerve pain, they can inject medicines similar to the idea of Novocaine....it called a nerve block. It can last up to months for some patients. In very rare unusual cases, the nerve itself needs to be cut to stop the pain. There are many risks to that and it is not typically even on a list of options for most all pain sufferers. But pain can kill. That's what the bully's, who want you to quit being an "addict" to narcotics, don't know. They think they have your best interest in mind when they discuss your medication. NOW This discussion is ONLY for patients with ongoing SEVERE pain syndromes or injuries, dysfunctions, or malformations who are under ongoing, monthly visits to a pain clinic specialist for your treatment plan and implementation and you follow all of their instructions  under their care, stop right now. Take in a big easy breath, hold it, and leg all the stress of the word "addict" leave your being in that exhale. You are not abusing yourself or a drugs. You are not a bad addict. You are prescribed meds that your body will respond negatively if you do not follow a set schedule for your rx treatment. That is a body/physical addiction. NOT a mental addiction.  There is nothing bad about that. Your doctor knew you would be addicted when he prescribed them for you for a length of time. You both found that the benefit outweighed risks and stigmas. Stop telling loved ones what meds you take if they make you uncomfortable. Just as easy is to tell loved ones that think you are or might be an addict and they can't accept that....  tell them all is going well. Your pain is being managed by the pain clinic treatments and you feel good about that. Your pain causes fatigue and you'll need more rest than those without a chronic pain syndrome, treated with meds or not. You can keep your meds locked in a beauty bag to keep any curious tween or teen out, as well as any nosy "addict critic". Just say, your health care professional has warned you that prescription meds are the number one way people now start their path of drug use, so you just feel better having it safe and sound and out of the way. You are not your meds. You do not have to share your personal doctor treatments with ANYONE that makes you feel less good about yourself. Care and diligence to get your body and mind to the best place it can be is what YOU are responsible for. All the negative words others can come up with are simply wrong, misguided and for some, abusive. Keep it to yourself if you want to avoid the "addict" conversation. You are a prescribed addict. Not one thing bad you did or are doing as long as you take them as prescribed and go to each appointment. :) ENION!!!

~Jem~ Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia recovery; healed via Neurosurgery 2010. Still battling Geniculate Neuritis (very rare sister to the rare Trigeminal Neuralgia which is excruciating face pain from the slightest touch of even a wisp of hair on the affected area of skin.).

E.N.I.O.N. :  End Narcotic Ignorance Of Neuralgia's.

to loved ones: let go of the worry. brighten up the love.

to you with the life you never expected: Let go of the guilt and shame. Build yourself up, claim the brighter days.