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Since august i have noticed that i began to feel very fatigue, since then i have experienced some pregnancy symptoms, i had quite bad cramping but no period after it like i usually do, change in appieitie, feeling sick randomly and a few others so i took a test around 8 weeks ago but it came back negative. i didnt take it in the best of times as i drank a bottle of water in the evening then took it.

i got my period a couple of days after but as i am on the cerezette pill it makes my periods really irregular. however since i took the test something inside me is still not convinved that im not pregnant

I still experience irregular periods which are normal for me. I havent experienced sore boobs for around a year, even when i am on my period but over the past week my boobs have become extremely tender and sore, although i dont know if they are just growing as i am still quite young.

last week i went to the doctors to change my pill as i struggle with my irregular periods, she prescribed me a new combined pill. when i read the instructions it made it clear that you have to be 100% sure you are not pregnant when taking the pill but as i still have my period and havent noticed a huge difference with the way my stomach looks i dont see the point in buying one as it will probably come back negative.

sorry for such a long post but your adive and ideas will be appriciated



i have also felt a weird movement in my stomach ever so often, but im not sure if they are air bubbles or not