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I had sex during my first month of birth control last month. My leaflet explains that if I take my BC within the first 24hrs of getting my period that I do not need a backup method, but I've read everywhere online that it takes about a month for birth control to actually work. I had sex 2 weeks & 6 days while on my birth control. The condom broke, so I took a Plan B (Next Choice) pill a couple hours later cause I was so scared of being pregnant. 4 days later I got my period & when I started my new pack of pills for the next month it stopped. I've been told that I can miss my period for this month. I'm supposed to get my period the week after Thanksgiving. SOMEONE please help me. Is it likely that am I pregnant?!? 3 weeks ago is when I had sex. I've no symptoms. Please help me ;( I'm really scared I may miss my period this even though I got one after I had sex? I'm 19.


Hi Scared,

No, it is not likely you are pregnant.

Most birth control pills become effective after about 7 days, so you were likely protected.  The morning after pill is also very effective within 72 hours.

FYI, your period may be early, late, heavy, or light.  It's a side effect of the morning after pill.

Again, I do not think you are pregnant.