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Hey, I'm a 16 year old male and i'm happily in love with my girlfriend.
Recently she's been questioning about having sex; it worries and scares me, to be honest.
We're both virgins, so it's not like "I need to do better then the last guy".

Are there any tips or hints as to what to do about this?
Like, how to set up the 'first time' and what type of contraception to use?
Should I wait till she's climaxed first before I climax?
Do I ejaculate inside of her or pull out?

I'm just quite unsure about it all.
Any advice would be greatly appricated!


Whoops, I think i posted in the wrong area
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It's good that you are weighing alot of the issues about this before jumping in.

I'd like to recommend a good book or two for you to read, that will cover a lot of these subjects and more.

Try "The Guide to Getting It On" from GoofyFoot Press. It's now in the 5th edition, though any edition will do.

You could also try "Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex" by Dr. Rubin. It's a basic question and answer book that will cover a lot of territory and is easy reading.

You are right to ask if you should attempt to let her climax first, or whether to plunge right in.

First, when you're ready, make sure you have a relaxed friendly place with no time pressure.

Second, only proceed if she verbally tells you she wants to proceed (not that she wants to please you, so go ahead).

Third, make sure the two of you have discussed birth control and what you're going to use. That includes all options including, condom, IUD, birth control pill, lubrication, abstinence, and more. You may discover that you or she are not willing or not ready to shoulder this responsibility yet.

It's OK that you're nervous and unsure if you want this. It's OK to wait.
Don't get pressured into doing something unless the two of you have talked this out.

Most times, the guy will not be able to avoid coming first, and the courteous thing to do is to either ask her what else she'd like, or to hold off on intercourse until she's quite ready.

I would not recommend ejaculating inside her without the use of a condom. I just think it's alot cleaner and you have proof that your birth control has worked to be able to withdraw with the condom intact.

However, there are people who don't use birth control and hope for the best... we call them "parents" eventually.

Don't rush it, read up on your options.
And consider talking with a health counselor in person first.
They may have some other ideas for you to consider that I haven't though of.