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Women want orgasms, but orgasms for women don’t necessarily occur in the same context as they do for men. For women the build–up to orgasm requires a variety of sensory input, it is not simply a mechanical process as it is for many men.

Women want orgasms. As her partner and lover, you have no doubt wanted to be the one who sends her over the edge, but how can you make sure you’re going to do just that? The most important thing for a man to keep in mind is that orgasms for women don’t necessarily occur in the same context as they do for men.

For women, the build–up to orgasm requires a variety of sensory input, it is not simply a mechanical process as it is for many men. The act of intercourse alone is not likely to produce a mind-blowing orgasm for a woman. Why? Intercourse alone is not likely to stimulate the woman’s clitoris, which, along with the environmental surroundings and foreplay, plays a major role in climax.  So take it easy, be patient and add some new tricks to your repertoire, and your lady will thank you.

Cold feet, Cold Start 

A woman who is nicely warmed up is more inclined to get naked. If your lady is cold, she is less likely to be comfortable and therefore will be focused on how cold she is rather than on you.  One way to combat this problem is to have her keep her socks on; but another, far more sexy approach, is to give her a warm foot massage.  Use a warming liquid to treat her to a sensual massage, which is likely to get her juices flowing. 

Believe it or not, a research study conducted by Dutch scientists at the University of Groningen, concluded that a woman with warm feet is 30 percent more likely to experience an orgasm than a woman whose toes are frosty. So be sure to pay special attention to the bottom of her toes and the spaces in-between the toes. If neither socks nor foot massage is your thing, ask her to leave on her boots or put on a sexy pair of heels.[1]

Passionate Kisses 

Before diving into the deed or attacking her main parts, it’s important to take the time to loosen her up. Giving light, passionate kisses along her body just may do the trick. In addition to plenty of kissing, of course, comes touching. A good place to begin is along the right side of her spine. For some reason, sensual touch and light kisses along that particular area can make a woman melt. Be sure your touch is light and curvy rather than heavy-handed and straight on. Gently gliding over the skin in a wavy motion will allow you to cover more ground and each touch will be much more intense. 

What’s That Smell? 

Of all of the five senses, the sense of smell is most prominent with regard to sexual arousal. This can be due to one of two reasons. The first being that a man’s cologne, especially a musky scent, typically turns a woman on because it simulates male pheromones, so just one whiff and she’ll be all yours. The second reason being that smell, sex and memory all go hand in hand. The scent of musky cologne and sex will no doubt have her recalling the last time she was this close to you and leave her wanting for more.[2]

Atmosphere is Everything 

Many women will admit that there is no chance of them achieving an orgasm if they are not in the right frame of mind. If she is uncomfortable in any way, you won’t bring her to climax, even if you’re the most skilled lover in the world, so take some time and don’t ignore the little things.  Of course, a little romance couldn’t hurt, so if you’re going for it, be sure she’s relaxed and comfortable and that the atmosphere is pleasant. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a quickie in the car or some other creative place, but to ensure the big “O”, a pleasant romantic atmosphere is ideal. 

Use Your Charm 

Earth shattering sex begins before you get in the bedroom. Undoubtedly you’ve heard the term “charm the pants off of her”, and though it’s a bit crude, it really is not far from the truth.  According to researchers at The Kinsey Institute, showing off your talent is an effective way to get your woman turned on. So sing her a song, tell her a joke, or shoot some pool; just be sure to show her that there’s more to you than meets the eye. Along with exposing your talented side, make sure that your lady knows you want her; tell her that she’s beautiful and sexy; there’s nothing better than feeling that your partner truly appreciates you. 

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