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Hi I am 23 years old .. I have polycyctic ovary syndrome .. So don't have regular periods.. But for the past 9 months periods have been regular but haven't had one for 2 months ..haven't been on any contraception for 7 years ( same partner 8 years) .. Last Tuesday I took a PT came bk negative then Wednesday I had been fine all morning then in the afternoon was randomly sick wasn't sick again but felt sick for 4 days .. Then tonight I had dinner and was heaving eating mushrooms ( I love mushrooms) && harsh brown tasted funny but nobody else fought they did .. I have also had a whitey colour discharge && have been having night sweats.. Sorry for the essay don't no if anyone can help me .. Thanks in advance!


Hello confused,

like you said yourself - polycystic ovarian syndrome comes with irregular periods and it's case that you'll skip a month or two more often than having a 9 months of regular periods. The pregnancy test you took should be accurate enough by this point, and all you can do is try seeing your ob-gyn and having a blood pregnancy test done, if you have a reason to think you might be pregnant.

Another thing as well, you might want to consider using birth control pills - they will help you with any doubts regarding pregnancy, but will also have a positive effect on our PCOS because they will take control of your periods,

wish you all the best,