It's been 9 months since my last depo shot and I've had 3 periods since (it took me near 5 months for my periods to return) I have always had a very regular 32 day cycle and my periods always last for 7 days. The first two periods I got since not having my period for 5 months due to the shot were no exception to this- it was as if they were just returning as normal. but this month my period arrived  5 days early (this has never happened before) it started off brown and watery (also unusual) and then a few hours lafter it became very heavy and bright bright red- just like a fresh wound. it is currently day 3 of this period and it is still bright red. there is a lot of blood but the blood itself is very thin. The week leading up to this period I had convinced myself that I was pregnant- I had a few symptoms such as changes to my breasts, nausea, fatigue, itchy stomach, cramping etc. I have read that sometimes implantation bleeding can be heavy and bright red. it possible that I actually am pregnant or is this normal for a woman coming off depo?