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No PERIOD for SEVEN months....YES, I am IRREGULAR....but the LONGEST I've gone without was SIX months. NOW that I've reach SEVEN....including a watery discharge (no pain)im CONCERNED....! Im engaged...Been with my fiancee ONLY....I have no kids....haven't been trying but HAVEN'T been protected either.....HELP!



it's one thing to have irregular periods, as in they vary a few days or weeks, and completely different when you don't get your period for months - 7 months in your case. That means that you are most likely not ovulating and can't conceive because of that - if you had unprotected sex without pregnancy so far, chances are you're not ovulating which is major fertility issue. No matter if you plan having kids now or later, I'd recommend you to see an ob-gyn and find out what exactly is going on. There are several treatable conditions such as polycystic ovaries that might be the cause, so it's best you get to the expert and find out,

Wish you all the best,