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i am 22 years old and ive always had regular periods i have one child and this didnt hapen the first time so i dnt think im pg tho i have been having daily unprotected sex where he is ejaculating in me for the past four weeks onlye. i had my period almost two weeks ago but yesturdaay and today ive had brownish blood coming out. its not very heavy but it is on the pad and every time i wipe.i have no cramps. hy do you think this is hapening.? and if it is from ovulation or implantation then how long would it last and would it be brown?


Hi there

Implantation bleeding occurs approximate 7 days before scheduled period dates. The blood normally is bright pink. Here is more info for you -

Normally it is pinkish, which means fresh blood. In case of Ectopic pregnancy, a woman also occasionally gets some vaginal blood when blastocyst embeds. Its color would be brownish, because it needs more time to find a way out of Fallopian tubes. Old blood looks brown.

It may be too early to conduct a pregnancy test done. Wait for at least a week after scheduled periods and then visit a doctor to have a clinical pregnancy test done.