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Hi there I have problems on my face cause I have acne?do u think if I buy and take the garcial is it fine even I didn't go to OB.cause I really wanted to have clear and free acne?..what is the best thing I should get garcial or althea? Help guys..


I am presuming you are looking into Gardasil for clearing up your acne?  It is only available by your OB and it is a vaccine so it will be given as an injection.  Additionally, from what I have read on it, it has the potential to make acne worse.  I would advocate Gardasil for preventing HPV (human papillovirus).  This will help prevent cervical cancer by preventing the virus from developing in your body.  You can find ways to help your acne by avoiding foods known to cause flareups and there are OTC medication you can try.  If your acne is severe, there are prescriptions to help with that.