Has anybody had the HPV or better known as gardasil shots?

I know what you're thinking "Why is she talking about a vaccine when I thought she was talking about her period?" I first had my period when I was 8 and it's always been on time since then. Well I think HPV (gardasil) has something to do with it. Back in 2010 I had the first shot, and after that shot I didn't have my period Till my second shot. I thought it was weird because I wasn't sexually active so I wasn't prego. Couple months later I had to get the second shot,. After the shot, I started spotting and I was relieved! But a week went by of spotting and stopped. I didn't have my period for 3 years! Crazy right? Anyways one day outta the blue it came back with a vengeance during my senior year of high school, and hasn't stopped since then. Yes, I went to the doctors and was put on birth control, hormones, and have drank water, ate healthy. I'm athletic, so I know it's not my weight. All the doctors for a year kept saying there was nothing wrong with me. Pap Smears were always pos. The only that worked and stopped my period and made it worse later on, was the third shot of HPV. It stopped for a month and came back 8-6-16. Now I sit here and ponder the question that's been in the back of my mind for a bit now "Could this really be the reason behind the HPV shot?" And my answer ? Yes. It's happened to all kinds girls who have taken the shot but nobody knows what to do about it or why it won't stop. I'm writing this now to see if others are suffering from this shot as well as me and if you have found a way to stop it.