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Gardasil vaccine was approved by the FDA back in 2006, saying that it was very effective in avoiding the Human Papillomavirus, and could even end with time all types of cervical cancer.

Although Gardasil’s manufacturer, pharmaceutical company Merck & Co claims that the vaccine is free of side effects, during the last year there have been thousands of cases where people reported adverse reactions, including deaths, to Gardasil.

The vaccine has been associated with a horrible autoimmune myofasciitis developed by a 18-year old young woman following the first dose of Gardasil injection. Her reaction started as soreness at the injection site, which traveled down her arm, her legs, and eventually led to a very painful autoimmune myofasciitis.

The girl, who was a high school varsity sport athlete, was transformed to a chronically ill person having to take morphine to ease the excruciating pain and other debilitating symptoms. The same could have happened with two other girls.

Over 8,000 other reported adverse reactions to Gardasil vaccine included syncope, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hypersensitivity reactions and 15 deaths.

From the fifteen deaths reported to the FDA, 10 were confirmed, but the CDC says none of the 10 were linked to the vaccine. The CDC says it continues to study the reports of illness.

No one seems to be worried about pulling the shots off the shelves. The pharmacy industry is very powerful and can well persuade you and force you to try their products, but some of them can put us in danger. Some politicians are even suggesting making it mandatory for the school girls. It must be big money in question.

The CDC is conducting their own analysis of Adverse Event Reports on Gardasil. They have acknowledged fainting problems after Gardasil vaccination and have recommended that doctors keep vaccinated patients in the office for 15 minutes following the injection. As for the other adverse reactions, it does not mean that there is a connection between the vaccine and the reports. It simply means the events took place following vaccination.

What worries me is that these test subjects are young girls and that it could be decades before a large group of them reaches the age at which women typically get cervical cancer. It will be a long time before we realize if the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.


I am writing to ask a favor. Please take a few minutes and watch this important video on the potential dangers --and limited benefits--of the Gardasil vaccine and consider sharing it with your members and contacts? Thirty two girls have already died after getting it.

Please share this with anyone you know who may be considering the vaccine for their daughters or themselves.

Thank you so much!