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Are you experiencing some annoying acne outbreaks every now and then? Your diet can be responsible for it!

Adult acne is a skin disease which asks for patience, care, and consistency. The face, being the most prominent part of the body, is the center of attention and acne attacks mainly your face, though the neck, shoulders, and back can also be affected [1].

Healthy and clear skin is a symbol of beauty and it is what everyone dreams of. Acne, therefore, creates big cosmetic issues. This is why the treatment of acne is necessary and acne sufferers always look for easy ways to cure acne.

Adult acne treatment demands lifestyle changes. From skin care to your diet, everything needs modification to control acne. Even if a highly qualified and trusted dermatologist treats your skin, acne can recur if you don’t take proper care afterwards. [2]

Can diet really cause or cure acne? The answer is yes! Many recent studies have shown that there is a close association between your diet and acne. [3]

While some dietary elements can cause acne breakouts, others can help control your acne. This is why it is important to choose your food carefully when you suffer from acne. Your diet can actually help cure mild to moderate acne and can prevent a recurrence of your previously treated severe acne. So watch what you eat!

Chocolate Can Cause Breakouts

Are you a chocolate lover who often experiences acne? Chocolate can be the cause of those acne breakouts! The latest research shows that there is a strong correlation between chocolate intake and acne breakouts. [4] So cut down on those chocolate bars and chocolate desserts to avoid new breakouts.

Those Extra Carbs Are Causing Big Problems

Carbohydrate rich diets are a root cause of obesity, which further causes lots of health issues, like diabetes and heart problems. The news is, those extra carbs play a role in your acne too! [5]

High glycemic index foods play an important role in the development of acne. So skip those extra carbs today to not only have a healthy skin, but a healthy life.

Oily Foods Are Definitely A No!

While almost everyone loves deep fried nuggets and fries, these can be the reason behind adult acne. Some fatty acids, present in oils, cause acne by increasing the sebum production of your sebaceous glands. [6]

Stop eating oily foods and switch to healthier options. That would be a good step for your general health as well.

Dairy Products Are Not Very Innocent Either

Though the evidence is not very strong, research shows there is a weak association between dairy products and acne breakouts. Skimmed milk plays a demonstrable role in causing adult acne. [7] Many factors contribute to the mechanism by which dairy products can cause acne. The carbohydrates and natural hormones present in dairy products cause acne. Additionally, dairy cows are often treated with bovine hormones to increase dairy supply and these hormones can trigger acne, too. 

So don’t think that your dairy products are innocent!

Optimize Your Water Intake

Keep your hydration levels optimal because adequate water intake is necessary for a healthy and glowing skin. It also helps control acne. [8]

Water is important to flush toxins out of your body. Dehydration leads to dull and rough skin along with problems in other body functions.

Eat Fresh Vegetables And Fruits Instead Of Fast Foods

A diet abundant in fresh vegetables and fruits is a gift for your skin. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits in place of carbohydrate rich diets can help control your breakouts. [6]

Aim for a diet which is low in carbs and fats while high in fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. Add a portion of salad with every meal and try cooking in a small amount of oil.

Green Tea Is Your Best Friend

Green tea has a significant role in calming your acne [9]. Increased green tea intake is associated with improved adult acne and healthier skin.

Replace your carbonated drinks with a cup of green tea every day and notice the difference. It not only keeps your skin healthy but is good for your stomach too. Besides, dropping carbonated drinks is a wise decision for your general health.

Fulfill Your Dietary Vitamin Requirements

Vitamins are micronutrients and that means the body needs vitamins in small amounts. That small amount plays a significant role in various body functions. The deficiency of vitamins leads to many diseases.

Adequate vitamin intake is also necessary for a healthy skin and lower levels are associated with acne [10]. The most important vitamins for the skin are A, C, and D. Vitamin A is used for acne treatment as well. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that improves skin elasticity.

Zinc Has An Important Role In Curing Acne

Zinc too, like vitamins, is a micronutrient. Zinc is a mineral present in spinach, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, oyster, and flax seeds.

Low zinc levels are linked with acne. Zinc has anti-inflammatory qualities that help control acne. Therefore, you should aim to fulfill your zinc requirements through your food to have a healthy skin. [11]

Food is an integral part of life and many diseases can be prevented by modifying diet. Acne too is one of those diseases that can be caused or controlled by food. So always try to control your adult acne with diet modifications before you look into medication.

If you are unable to control your acne issues by modifying your diet, consult a dermatologist. Don’t try self-medication as it can cause more harm than benefit.

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