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Hi! I had a confirmed pregnancy on 9/1. Bloodwork showed HcG level at 49, 3 days later i began to bleed returned to same emergency room that confirmed pregnancy to find that HcG levels dropped to 10, consistent with "forced abortion". I followed up with ob/gyn on 10/3, period was expected 10/4. Negative urine test at ob office blood work was ordered showed HcG level back up to 24. I have not yet started my period, nor have i had any bleeding *knock on wood* is it safe to assume that i am again with child? Has this happened to anybody else? I took a hpt on 10/7 n result was still negative. Any suggestions on what is happening would be appreciated trying to understand....


Hi KK,

Get another HcG test done.  Anything below 5 is considered not pregnant.  Above 25 is considered pregnant.  In between requires additional testing.  Was an ultrasound performed?

The levels should be rising VERY rapidly if you are pregnant.  It should have easily doubled since your last test on 10/7.

Good luck.