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By bf and I tried having sex on the 12th of Sept 3 days before my pretty regular period was supposed to come. By tried I mean it was my first time and he stuck in the tip without a condom for a couple seconds. He had previously cum from a bj but he took a shower and peed ( I think he peed not positive on that) my period did not come on the 15th like it was supposed to but it came on the 16th. It wasnt as long as it normally is and wasn't as heavy either and it last for 4 days. I'm I pregnant??? Pls help. 


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Hi guest, if it was 3 days before your period was due then no you wouldn't be pregnant then as you wouldn't be fertile, if your going to start having sex then there are two things you need to do, first you need to both learn about the reproductive system and how pregnancy occures and secondly you both need to be more responsible and use protection as I'm pretty sure you do not want to become a parent yet!