I need help so please give me your knowledge!! i recently found out i was pregnant last week! shock to the system! My problem is i've been on the pill for a while but never been very good at taking it....i was taking it in the month of July 2012 but i would imagine i missed a few days (probably not in a row) anyway i had sex with a guy (random fling) on the night of the 9th July and we did use a condom and i don't remeber it splitting or any of his sperm inside me but i was drunk at this time so thats my worry....i was still on the pill at this time but obvs im not very good at taking it. Then i got back with my boyfriend on around the 15th-16th July and had sex with him unprotected but on the pill a couple of times before he went away on holiday for a week. This was then when i had my pill free week  and started my period on the 22nd July (period but not a proper period as i no when on the pill its not a real period) this lasted 3-5 days which is quite normal for me and he came home from his holiday on the 24th and said he remembered i was on my period at the time. Since i finished my period then i did not take any more pills as i had run out and because i thought it would take a month or so for them to get out of my system which was stupid i know but i didnt think. I then carried on sleeping with my boyfriend unprotected every other to every 2-3 days following then untill i found out i was pregnant last monday 3rd sept. I went to the family planning place and he tried to date how far along i was from my last period which was on the 22nd July when i had my pill free week and said i was between 5-6 weeks pregnant. This monday 10th sept i then had a scan to see how far along i was and she said i was about 6weeks and 5 days which would make me 7 weeks today. I have a few questions i need putting to rest so please help me.....firstly can i assume the bleeding i had on my pill free week means i wasnt pregnant then? also how accurate are ultrasounds done at 6-7 weeks? and who would you say the father was? i really need someone to help me answer these questions!! thanks