My boyfriend and i have been having sex 4-5 times a week for like the past 2 1/2 months. He does not pull out & does cum in me everytime. i was on birthcontrol for 1yr but stopped taking it in June. i had my period on sept 16th for like 3 days last month it was really heavy & normally my period last 6 days & arent that heavy i took a preg test sept 15th and it came out neg. My period is due this month Oct 16th which is like in 4 days. I had a little bit of pinkish red on my toilet paper last week. & my boobs bother me sometimes but really havent been bothering me much lately. I feel sick in the morning like i dont throw up but my stomach is really upset and i feel as if i need to throw up. & somtimes i have weird like sharp pains in my stomach. i also pee really yellow and when i wipe normally its like creamy white/yellow. please someone tell me if you think im pregnant? we are trying 2 have a baby so please help !