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About 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time and I lost my Virginity.
Before we had sex he put the Condom on right. He slipped it in and we moved about. Every 5- 10 seconds or so I Kept looking down and checking weither it was still on. My boyfriend kept saying 'Yes it was!'
So we carried on. We only had sex for about 5 minutes.
When we had finished we both layed down on his bed.
He said that the condom had slipped off and I asked 'Do you know when it did?'
He said 'Im not sure, but we're definantly safe as I didn't cum!' *smile*

As ive been reading some articles on rhis site I found out about pre-cum.
Like my boyfriend said 'I didn't cum'
But Im just worried about pre-cum!
Can that get you pregnant??

My period has never been on time, and my first ever period back was way back in 2005. Every month since then, between 4 weeks - 5 weeks I have been on my pierod. Only on one ocasion had my period been late, which was 2 weeks late. But i came on evntually.
Im due on my period this week somtime (as im never on time, but i know it should be between this week or next)
Is there a chance of me being Pregant.
I don't have any symptoms yet of pregnancy.
My abdominal area is bloated, but i always get that about a week before i am ment to be on my period and my breats are always tender a week before my period as normal. So everything there is fine.
Just got abit worried about it and I just need some help?

Please Please help me!



the chance of pregnancy isn't probable, i've been inn you're situation and read up about it on the internet. you can only get pregnant when you ovulate. so go to google, type in free ovulation calendar and go from there and se if u lost your virginity when you were possibly ovulating and when you are ovulating theres only a 20 percent chance you'll get pregnant. i too think im pregnant, which is pretty scary stuff cause i'm too young for this ! so do that, and wait a week and see, pregnancy isn't a probable thing, and pre-cumm is said to be able to get you pregnant cause it contains some sperm right.. but i had a boyfriend and we never used a condom he'd always just pull out and we did that for almost a year and i never got pregnant. i guess its just.. pregnancy is so confusing :-(


Did you ever find out if you were pregnant ?