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I want to know the best type of food good for our health and provide high nutrition ..

so if there are any other suggestion  for our heath..............


GNLD has introduced a fantastic nutrional programe that provides the basis nutrition that any body needs. This nutritonal programe  will give you a greater sense of well being and a good health .

The "FEEL BETTER PROGRAME" consists of 3 items that must be taken every day.

Nutrishake ( 1 glass) ;Formula IV plus  ( 2 capsules) ; Carotenoid Complex (3 capsules)

Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants to eliminate free radicals created in our bodies. This is the reason why the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that every person should have 5-9 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Unfortunatly our food is sometimes grown in depleted soils, fertilised with added hormones, sprayed with pesticides and insectisides, 

Often our food therefore does not provide what our bodies need to maintain the balance. Added preservatives , colorants and additives also  create free radicals in our bodies, which are implied in many degenerative diseases.

Studies have shown that 97% of all human beings do not get from their diet all the necessary nutrients. 50% of all human beings are at risk of developing one or another degenerative disease and 10% of human beings are already seriously ill.

Nutrishake and GR2 Protein Shake are presently the only products in teh world that give you all 22 amino acids. Formula IV Plus is a balanced combination of minerals, vitamens , essential fatty acids, sterols and sterolins. It contains added minerals like selenium , chromium, and zinc.,

It is free from iron,



components of a safe, effective exercise program are Frequency, intensity, and time or duration,Do not accelerate your workout time too rapidly...



Lovely question.
Our digestive systems continuously extract water and nutrients from an astonishing amount of solid foods and liquids over our lifetimes, all the while fending off nasty microbes and processing waste.
Eating Fresh fruits are best for health.