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Hi everyone! I have a bit of a small worry. I'm a 19 year old male

I was masturbaing earlier, and just before orgasming tried to hold it back. I think i had a bit of the sensation of the orgasm, but semen came out. There may (possible) have been a bit of precum.I attemted to finsh but I couldn't. I still had an errection, but I could not reach climax. I let my errection reduce a bit and tried again but I couldn't finish

I waited around 5-10 minutes to become completely flacid and tried again. I ended up finishing (semen and all) 

I'm worried why I couldn't finish the first time when I stopped? Could this be sign to be worried about? Or am I just dumb and had a coincidental dry orgasm? 

Thanks a lot!


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Hey there you may had a slight dry irgasm.... It is normal for the sensation to dy down and you have to work at it to get to another orgasm..... I would not orgasm... If you practice at this you may be able to have multiple orgasms during sex